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A well deserved break

November 20, 2009

After 25 straight days supporting the outage at the plant I am taking a break. It is with some mixed emotions that I leave. Of course I am really excited to be away from work and glad for the rest, BUT I left with the job not quite finished. I know it is in good hands with super competent people, but a small part of me wants to finish the job. I would be finishing if I did not have vacation scheduled, bought and paid for. Still it is like leaving a small piece of me behind. I have been connected to the people and the work from the begining. I am fighting the urge to call and get status updates (sick, but true).

We are headed to Disney (is anyone surprised?) for a little dose of Mickey Magic. The kids are excited and so are mom and dad. We are doing things we don’t normally do like spend time at the pool, Kid-cot and it’s a Small World (nooooo!). Space Mountain opens Sunday and Kaitlyn is super excited.

Thanks FPL for my job, a chance to excell at doing something I don’t normally do and allowing me off this week. I know you could have asked me to cancel and I appreciate you commitment to me and my family


Mom- in case you are wondering we will miss spending thanksgiving with you. Piglet, Pooh and Tigg’r won’t be the same as the zany crazyness known as an Angstadt Thanksgiving

I’m not going to say it (goodbye).

November 9, 2009

Jesse and Reina I wish you well.  With my work schedule I don’t think I will get to see you before you move on to the next great adventure God has for you in your quest to serve and follow Him.  You guys are special!  Thanks for sharing your life with my family.  Enjoy Nashville!



November 8, 2009

I am not amazed that Congresswoman Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats did not uphold their promise to make the full wording of the Heath Care Bill available on the internet for 72 hours.  What amazes me is how easily we accept her broken promises.  This was a promise to the American People and we just let her off the hook once again. 

Americans are fed up with congress.  Current polls show a 25% approval rating.  No wonder when we cannot trust them to simply live by their word.  Get involved, write your congressmen/women and Senators.  Tell them you have had enough of Big Government, Unchecked Spending, Self-serving lobbyist and agendas that do anything but support this great nation.  Read the constitution and urge your congress to take the nation back to the greatest political document ever written, the CONSTITUTION.

Health Care

August 21, 2009

So I guess I will join the fray in the health care debate.  I really don’t care about universal health care as long as it accomplishes a few things:

1.  NO MORE TAXES- if we can’t do that then it must be nixed.  Pres. Obama says it will not add to the deficit.  Well I have a few cost saving measures that might help pay for this.

  • Stop giving Illegals medical help
  • Stop giving drug addicts free heroin
  • Stop funding coorporate excess with TARP
  • Get out of the Banking Business
  • Get out of the Auto Business

2.  IT SHOULD COVER EVERY AMERICAN– not illegal immigrants, but American Citizens.  Everyone should get the same health care, including memebers of  CONGRESS.  If they have a cold they should have to take a day off of work and stand in line like eveyone else.   Class or social standing has no place in this, everyone gets the exact same health care.


Mr. President and members of Congress, please do the ‘Hard Work’ to get it right the first time.  Take some time to overhaul the entire system.  Why do drugs in America cost astronomically more than other countries?  Why are Americans required to pay for all the R&D?  Why is someone who needs certain drugs to fight cancer required to pay $1300 a month for 2 perscriptions?   Why are hospitals allowed to charge $6 for an Asprin?  Change the Torte laws to significantly reduce the number of lawsuits. 

This is not a problem that can be fixed overnight.  Please do the due dilligance and cure the system.  Congress has been given a true opportunity here, take the time, even if it takes 3 years to get it right.  Remove the politics, remove the hype, remove the media and the special interest groups and really focus on it.

Mr. President, swallow your pride, step back get a good look at the entire problem and fix the system.  Do not fall prey to the American CEO and Politican mentality.  That mentality states that I will do something that is good for the short term to make myself look good with no care on how it will affect future generations.  This model has crippled America.   Do something for the future, weigh your decision based on your children and how it will affect them, not how it will affect your wallet and public opinion tomorrow.

Missing Link

June 1, 2009

Well i finally made it back to the blog site……  Wonders never cease.  There has been so much going on that the Blog has been neglected.  My dear Blog is feeling left out and rejected, so it is time to restore it to the glory it once held.

This Friday and Saturday theBELONGING has an opportunity for an out of this world fundraiser.  WE are going to start working the concessions at some of the Marlins, Miami Hurricanes and Dolphin’s Home games.  Plus we are going to work the SuperBowl (jealous), the Pro Bowl and the Orange Bowl.  Should be some exciting times.  Ill fill you in after the weekend is over to let you know how it went.  If you can’t make it to help out feel free to just send it a check to the church website to support theBELONGING, Thanks 😉


May 7, 2009

Last night was a great start to a new chapter in theBELONGING.  We moved to Flagship Cinemas and lots of people rose to the occassion to make this successful.  The entire youth leadership team took on the challenge and it was smooth and went really well.  Many improvements to come over the next few weeks but it seemed like we had been there for months.

Zech, Matt, Josh, Elizabeth, Tony – GREAT JOB!


  • New Service Location
  • Popcorn and Jesus- what a great combination!!!
  • No gangster window shades (using a dry-erase board)
  • Sound was great and Matt did a great job leading us in breathe
  • John 12:25-26 What is keeping you back from being ready at a moments notice to serve Jesus
  • How do I become reckless in showing and giving my love away

Now this is funny

May 7, 2009

A little humor to start your day off!


May 6, 2009

Acts 8 talks about Phillip and the Etheopian eunuch. In the begining of the story Phillip is told to travel a pretty desolate road. If his life was to resemble mine I can imagine the conversation he had with God. Why do you want me to go down that road? No one ever travels that road it’s desolate and there are no McDonalds. If you want me to preach your message wouldn’t it be better to do it this way? The options are much better if you allow me to do it my way. But Phillip went with God’s plan. I like to think I eventually would go God’s way to but……
What happens next? Well after several checks with God to make sure he was still going the right way and God didn’t want him to turn back the Etheopian arrives on the scene.   Not just any Etheopian but the individual who was personally responsible for the Queen’s cash.  This guy had influence.  Phillip shares the gospel with the eunuch and he repents and is baptised.  Another entire country, nation and culture was introduced to the gospel that day because Phillip was willing to travel down a deserted road and be availble to God.

At the end of the story Phillip is taken off by the Spirit and deposited in
Azotus and he continued on his travels north.  Phillip was farther along in his travels by being willing to go and do what God asked than if he had traveled that day.  If we are willing to be where God wants us and follow what He is telling us, our lives will be farther along than if we do it our own way. 

Have a great day traveling with Jesus and just being willing….

A Faith Like Stephen’s

May 4, 2009

I have recently been reading Acts and today read about Stephen. What an amazing faith that he would continue to preach while being faced with being stoned to death. If I could have that faith.

Follow Me?

May 2, 2009

The Apostle Paul said, “follow me as I follow Christ.”  The question of the day is, can you say that to people around you with confidence that those following can see Jesus?